Friday, January 9, 2009

Addison says, Go EAGLES!

ReThink Parenting

Jonathan and I started taking a parenting class at our Church on Wednesday night. It is called ReThink Christian parenting. We are super excited about the class, because we want to raise Addison in a good Christian home and this is a great step towards that.

Two interesting thoughts were mentioned:

1) You can only take your kids as far as you are!
2) We always talk to our children about what they CAN'T do-not what they CAN do.

I love the one about, You can only take your kids as far as you are, this one hit home with me because I what you would call a new Christian. There is A LOT for me to learn about the bible and how to live by the bible and now I know how important this is because I want Addison to have those principles instilled in her and I want to be able to take her as far as possible in the journey!

Something fun that we did was to answer questions about our children. AJ and I had a good time with that and actually came up with many of the same answers. The questions where as followed:

1. Fav. color: We both put pink!
2. Fav. food: I put french fries and he put cheese puffs (we are both right, she loves them equally)
3. Fav. TV Show: We both put Yo Gabba Gabba
4. Fav. Sport: I put anything with a ball, AJ put football ( he is wrong :) )
5. Fav. Sports Hero: I put Michael Jordan, He put Bo Jackson ( a little projection huh?)
6. Music: Yo Gabba Gabba Intro
7. Musical group: Veggie Tales
8. How much time a week wathcing TV: 5?
9. Fav. person outside Immediate family: Lana Leigh
10. Fav. Thing about school: Playing
11. Least Fav. Thing: Leaving mommy (aww, we both put this )
12. Her complaint against us: We don't understand what she says
13. Dont Remember, we put we provide for her
14. Fav. thing about church: Playing
15. Least Fav. Thing about Church: being quiet
16. Fav. Bible character: Jonah
17. Fav. Bible Verse: ?
18. How often do we pray with Addison *not counting meals*: ?
19. How often do we study the bible together: ?

The last few were hard for many of the parents in the class....our homework is to note 3 things that we intentionally will do with our children to bring them closer to God!