Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pee Pee and Biting

We bought Addison a potty about a week ago. We didn't set it up until Sunday. We were in the bathroom getting ready for a bath and Addison said Pee Pee when she saw the toilet and wanted to sit on it...after we got her undressed she sat on it (I thought I had the toilet turned on, it is one where it rewards you with music when pee hits it) so I was waiting to hear music to know if she was actually going and heard nothing. When she got up I put her in the bath and found out that she did indeed pee in the potty. We were so happy and were clapping, she started clapping too! Then she stood up in the bath and said pee pee again and so the cycle began... (she hasn't gone in the potty since though)

On another note, Addison has had bite reports before, but she was never the biter. Well today I walk in and notice that there are several reports stabled to Addison's daily report as well as several other childrens. The first sheet said...That I was cleaning up Legos and one of my friends pushed me so I bit them...the next sheet said, I bit my friend and then they hit me in the face...the 3rd and final one said that, My friend and I were looking out the window and I pushed them away and they bit me.

There must have been something in the juice today!!


  1. I don't know how I feel about Addison now.

  2. Jamie you know you love little Addie Mae!

  3. As a grandmother, I can laugh. This is too funny and sounds like you're taking it all in stride! ha! Maybe there was something in the potty!