Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Candy Apple

Addison is now a Candy Apple!!! She started in the 2 year old classroom on Monday and we are both adjusting to the change :). The biggest changes are, they drink out of cartons and cups (without lids!), they have movie time in the morning, they eat in the lunchroom, play on the big playground, and try to get them potty trained.

It is always a huge adjustment for me when I get the note that she is moving up...I still remember when she moved up from the little angel room (which is the nursery), I was tempted to talk to the director about how she was not ready since she was not crawling yet (really I was not ready for the move)...then came the next move which was into the Rainbow room. This is where she began to crawl and eat real food...she quicky moved on the the Bouncing Bunnies room from there and that is when she started walking, talking, and drinking from sippy cups. Sunshines was the last room that she was in and in there they did artwork, little playground and she started her Learning Through Music class. It is amazing how much she has learned from each of the classrooms and the different teachers that she has had. We are blessed to have her in such a great daycare!!!


  1. I am glad she enjoys daycare so much. I know how great it makes you feel knowing she is in a great place!

  2. That really does sound fun. Happy Graduation Addison!