Thursday, February 19, 2009

Consignment Sales

Fall and Spring are my favorite times of the year....and it just so happens that is the 2 times a year that Consingment sales are going on in Montgomery...So far I have been to 2 of the 6 sales and I am actually consigning for the first time in one of them.

First, lets back up...I remember when I was first pregnant and people told me about these sales and how great they were but I was secretly thinking why would you buy "Used" things for your children. Well I have now been a parent for 17 months and 8 days and I think that consignment sales are the greatest!

Yesterday was half price day at one of my favorite of the consigment sales...Addison lately has been saying "me mo" which we found out is Elmo...we don't know where she first started liking Elmo or even knowing who he was... So I was looking around at all the stuff and came across several items that featured Elmo...I also picked out a few other discounted items such as a Belle dress up costume, 2 dresses (each for $1), a Dora phone, Dora book, Princess shoes, travel play house ALL For $14! You can't beat that! Yay for Consignment Sales!!

Some Princess Boots AJ bought for her ...I was totally agaisnt them, but you see who wins :)

Addison in her Cinderella outfit we got at the sale

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  1. At least you are taking part in the sales to make some of that wealth you have invested in Addison's style...