Saturday, February 21, 2009


Stop the presses. Montgomery now has a Gymboree! We took Addison this morning to her first session and she had so much fun. Up until Jill signed us up for our trial session, I thought Gymboree was just a kids clothing line. Not so fast my friend! Gymboree is basically an indoor playground for toddlers and preschoolers where your kid can participate in the teacher facilitated singing and interactive play sessions or opt for freeplay. There are balls all over this place, one of an 18 month old's favorite objects, and activties range from parachute fun to bubble blowing and Gymbo the clown. Everything is padded and there are three stationary playsets around the floor, from roller ramps with slides to a rolling bridge. Addison did a lot of exploring on her own during this first session, and knowing how much she loves to sing and dance, I bet she'll be more involved with group activities next time.

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