Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Addison Turns 18!!!

18 months, that is! It's hard to believe that the time has passed so quickly and it's amazing how much our little Addison has grown. It's almost impossible to believe that it was a year and a half ago now that Addison was in the NICU and we couldn't even hold her. Almost two weeks later we were finally able to bring her home and our lives changed forever. We remember it all like it was yesterday. The first few nights I don't think we slept a wink, watching her to make sure she was breathing. Our biggest worry was making sure she was eating enough in the beginning, since she was so little. It was a big event the first time we took her out in public for the first time, on a shopping trip to Wal Mart. Jill and I both had families coming into our marriage, but now with Addison, we had our own family. We celebrated our first holidays as a family with our daughter, our first Easter, our first Thanksgiving, our first Christmas. We learned her likes and dislikes (cookies good, diaper changes bad). We watched, bursting with pride as she took her first steps. Her miletones were our milestones, too. It's exciting to think about the milestones the future will bring, but also sad that the days are passing so quickly. Thankfully we've got so many great memories to remind us!

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