Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter and 18 month photo shoot

We had an appointment at the picture place at 4:20...I like to get places early so we got there at around 4. Addison and I sat down and she started playing at the Lego table. We had a delightful conversation with a 3 year old who told me she didn't like me and picked a fight with an older boy at the table and told him to shut-up. I tried to tell her that wasn't nice, but I am sure you know how that went. Anyway so at around 4:45 I start to get ancy and by 5:15 was almost about to walk out, but then finally got called back. I am glad I did because I think they turned out pretty cute!!!

This was one of the last shots..I was trying to get her to smile and she started to dance!

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  1. I recognize the little "hippie" outfit! Cute on her!