Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend in pictures

Weekend in pictures....

This picture is at Tristan's 1st Birthday party.....Addison's face in this picture is priceless! She is learning how to share (will keep you posted on how that is going, lol)

We went to this great park which had like 6 different slides....Addison really enjoys slides and went down everyone of them a few times.

We bought Addison a water table and finally had a great opportunity to use it with the beautiful weather we had this weekend (mind you that it snowed last weekend...crazy AL weather).

Addison loves playing with the house...her favorite thing to do is to open and shut the door and say "Hi" or "Bye".

Nana feeding Addison some icecream at the birthday party...she loves some ice cream!

Addison first time on a big girl swing! She loved it!

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